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The best lash serum

Growing and Caring for your lashes is not as straightforward as it seems …

Okay, the most common questions we are asked when we recommend an eyelash serum to clients at Siroki Lash Studio is:

  • Can I just use castor oil?
  • Does it work?
  • Is it worth it?

In this blog, we will be giving you all of these answers and more. We have done an extensive amount of research to bring you the final answer to this most important questions of all:

Which lash serum is the best one out there- and is it really worth it to buy lash serums?

Castor Oil

Does castor oil make your lashes grow longer and thicker?

The simple answer? No, Castor Oil will not make your lashes grow longer or thicker. However, It can give an illusion of darker and thicker lashes because the oil itself is moisturizing. This is due to its smaller molecular structure it is able to penetrate the lash follicles.

Think of castor oil as a great conditioner for the lashes, kind of how the hair on our heads looks better after a good deep conditioning treatment.

Just like a good deep conditioning treatment on your hair Castor Oil can help to prevent lash breakage, which can in turn, effectively aid in lash health, and it can cause your lashes to stick around a bit longer before they shed.

Check out our blog on the different lash growth cycles if you want to learn more. Unfortunately, for all of those home remedy queens and kings out there, this is just another lash myth, and Castor oil will not give you more lashes or longer lashes. It will, in fact, give you healthier lashes, so it’s not a complete loss.


Alright, let’s break this down. Vaseline is way too thick to penetrate your skin and, therefore, way too thick to do much of anything to your lashes.

Due to this, it can not stimulate hair growth. The molecular structure of Vaseline is just too large to do much of anything beneficial. It is topical and can make them all glossy and thick so it may appear to you they have grown but think of mascara its a layering effect. The skin around your eyes is thin compared to the skin on the rest of your body.

Vaseline is the brand name we are all familiar with, but it really is just petroleum jelly (petrol) Just look up Petrol. That’s what we did; actually we will save you time, its gasoline! After you read this blog, you will realize why you don’t want something like this anywhere near your eyes.

Its main use is to be a barrier cream. It is not dangerous so don’t be concerned just realize all it can do is sit on top of the skin or, in this case, the lashes. Vaseline is great for beefing up the natural lashes after a lift and tint though!

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil can, in fact, make your lashes appear to grow longer and stronger as it is assisting them in growing to their full-length potential, similar to the prior mentioned oils.

However, it does not make them longer or stronger. It helps fight bacterias that can lead to infections and thus keep lashes for longer periods of time.

However, While it is effective at assisting in the retention of your existing lash growth, this product is highly comedogenic. Meaning, it clogs pores! So, one could say it has the potential to clog your pores and cause breakouts. The bacteria-fighting properties are probably what save most people that use this technique from getting styes.

Lash Serum

The benefits of a good lash serum; Most lash serums come with precision applicators which help to ensure the serum is focused on providing benefits directly to the lash line.

Effective lash serums do exist on the market. Four major lash serum brands come to mind:

  1. Latisse
  2. Neu Lash
  3. Lash Boost
  4. GrandeLash MD

They contain Prostaglandins or Prostaglandin Analogs. These hormone-like substances are helpful with this growth process.

The lash serum I personally recommend and use is GrandeLash MD. It grows lashes and also is highly unlikely to cause pigmentation around your eyes or darkening of the eye color like other lash serum products might.

After extensive research, we recommend the use of GrandeLash MD because it does not cause your lash extensions to fall out- and it actually works. At Siroki Lash, we love this lash serum and have all personally seen great results both on clients and on ourselves.

The Best Way to Get Longer Lashes? Lash Extensions.

While there are many oils and at-home remedies that claim they help with lash growth. Using professional lash serum products have the most tangible growth effects and are less likely to irritate your eyes.

But the safest way to get the look of longer lashes, that last longer too, is by getting professional lash extensions or doing your own lash extensions at home!

Lash Growth Myth: Officially Busted.

So there you have it lash babes, the tea on lash growth. Get those luscious lashes of yours growing to new lengths!

Trust us, once you try it – you won’t be able to go back!

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall “

XO, Sierra, Founder of Siroki Lash Studio + Siroki Studios

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