Hi, I'm Sierra, your personal lash artist at Siroki Lash Studio. With extensive training, an eye for detail, and a knack for customization, I deliver an unmatched lash experience in Jacksonville. I understand your need for quality, convenience, and style. Here, you won't have to choose between them.

Are you an ambitious, dynamic woman juggling a career, a side hustle, and a vibrant social life? Do you love the idea of looking polished but don't have the time to spend perfecting your look in the mornings? 

How We Can Elevate Your Everyday Together:

From subtle Mascara Sets to full-on Falsie glam, I provide a diverse range of styles to suit your unique needs - it's not just about lashes; with services like brow henna and brow lamination, your entire face gets the star treatment.

Why? Because you're not a one-size-fits-all kind of woman. This means you get a personalized approach to beauty that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

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Browse the Lash Extension Styles:


Mascara full sets start at $240, express sets at $175, and fill-ins start at $130.

(wet Set)

Mascara Set


Mascara Set

For my ladies who want that "I woke up like this" look, this is for you. The Classic Mascara Set gives you a slight boost while staying virtually undetectable. Perfect if you want to elevate your natural beauty without anyone suspecting a thing.


Mascara Set

Love the Classic but crave a little extra? The Hybrid Mascara Set adds just a touch more volume, still staying within the realm of "Are those her real lashes?" Think of this as your secret beauty weapon with a bit more “umph.”

Mascara Set

Ready for your lashes to truly stand out? Opt for my Volume Mascara Set. It's the ultimate choice for a fuller, darker look that complements a bare or minimally made-up face beautifully.



Mega Volume


Angel Set

This set is TRENDING. A classic textured effect using only .03 lash extensions. For the lightest feeling possible. Full sets start at $320, Express sets at $220 and fill ins starting at $170

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Browse the Lash Extension Styles:


Soft Glam full sets start at $270, express sets $195 & fill-ins start at $145

Falsie full sets start at $320, express sets $220 & fill-ins start at $170

Boujee Bridal Set


Soft Glam

For the woman who adores that ethereal Bella Hadid or J.Lo vibe, Soft Glam is your go-to. This set perfectly complements a full face of makeup, offering a variety of styles like cat eye, fox eye, and doll eye to lift and accentuate your features.
 natural beauty without anyone suspecting a thing.


Falsie Set

Are you the life of the party? Always in full glam? My Falsie Set is inspired by the likes of Kim K and Kylie Jenner, perfect for big events or when you're just feeling extra fabulous. Bring in your favorite strip lash, and I'll craft a set that mimics it!


Signature looks

Boujee Bride sets are completely custom-tailored to your desired look

Saying "I do" soon? Bring in a photo of your dream bridal look, and I'll customize a set that complements it perfectly. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and your lashes should be nothing short of stunning. 

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Browse the exclusive Lash options:


Personalized full sets start at $290

Why Add Tint & Lift to Your Lash Routine?


Personalized Sets

Your beauty, your rules. From the shape and style to the types of lashes used, these sets are as unique as you are. Whether you prefer closed fans, open fans, or a combination, we'll tailor-make the perfect set just for you during our extended consultation.
 and doll eye to lift and accentuate your features.
 natural beauty without anyone suspecting a thing.


 Ultimate Boost for Natural Lashes 

You love your natural lashes but crave that extra pop to make them really stand out? My Lash Lift and Lash Tint services are designed to offer just that - minimal effort, maximum impact.


Lash Services That Aren’t Extensions:

Hi, it's Sierra once more, your Jacksonville lash extensions expert. If you're looking for a low-maintenance lash solution that amplifies your natural beauty, these tint and lift services are your new go-to. Designed to give your lashes a longer, darker, and more curled fuller look with zero downtime, we offer you an effortless way to enhance your everyday glam.

Because your brows are more than just an afterthought; they're a vital part of your self-expression. These brow treatments not only enhance your natural beauty but also shave precious minutes off your morning routine.

Brow Lamination:

Chemical Lash Services:

Lash Lift: Say goodbye to lash curlers! My lash lift service gives your natural lashes an amazing lift and separation without the use of extensions. Typically booked in combination with a Lash Tint.
Price: $75

Lash Tint: A hint of color can change everything. My specialized tinting formula is safe and long-lasting, giving your lashes a dark, glossy look that complements your natural beauty. This service is only available as an add-on to a Lash Lift. 
Add-On Price: $25

For a semi-permanent solution that gives your brows a fuller look, try our specialized brow stain service.
Add-On Price: $50

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to sleek, clean brows.
Add-On Price: $10

Brow Henna:

Brow Stain Henna:

Brow Wax:

Brow Wax & Shape:

Long-lasting and natural, our henna brow treatment is perfect for those looking to add depth and dimension to their brows.
Add-On Price: $35

Take your brow game to the next level with a full waxing and shaping service designed to perfectly frame your face.
Add-On Price: $20


Don’t Leave Your Brows Hanging 

Perfect for lifting the face and reshaping the brow hairs to achieve that coveted fluffy look, our brow lamination is a client favorite.
Add-On Price: $75

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Brow Transformation

Lash & Brow Bundles

I firmly believe lashes without brows are like a designer handbag without the matching wallet - fabulous on its own, but truly complete and show-stopping when paired together. Why settle for just one when you can have the whole package? Book your Lash and Brow bundle today to achieve the ultimate, cohesive look that speaks to your sense of style and sophistication.

Brow Henna & DIY Lash Application..

For the natural beauties who still like a bit of polish, this package elevates your everyday look to magazine-cover levels. Think groomed and gorgeous, ready to face the day! Perfect for my girls who want the Clean Girl Aesthetic. 

Price: $175


Lash Lift and Tint with Brow Lamination

Short on time but still want to look fabulous? This package is a great time-saver, giving you a polished look without frequent fill appointments. I take my DIY Lash Extensions Kits and apply them for you during your appointment!

Starting at: $115

Ready to make a brow statement? This package transforms your brows into Pinterest and Instagram-worthy masterpieces.

Ranges from $120-$145

Want to look effortlessly stunning every single day without spending endless hours in front of the mirror?

Book your appointment today and we’ll figure out which style is perfect for you!


What Women Like You Are Saying:

“This was my first time getting express lashes and she made my first encounter so memorable and refreshing! She is very knowledgeable about the beauty industry and polite. She is so kind and understanding. The chair was so comfortable and the music she plays is so relaxing. She made my lashes look so natural. I love them! I will definitely be back.”

“ I loved how she took her time discussing what kind of lash style I wanted and provided her expertise and insight when I was indecisive about what I wanted. I also felt instantly welcomed in her shop and loved how private it is. My lash appointment felt like it went by super fast because of the good conversation and I feel brand new with my new lashes.”

“Best lashes I’ve ever had and they hold up really well even if you have oily skin/ hair. I also love the lash cleaning kit that’s given to you when you get them done, really helps with the keep up and makes them look well even after 2 weeks!”




I woke up like this

Lashes & Brows

Want  the                      
look without         
price tag & the                      appointments?  



lash extension

My DIY Lash Extensions Kits were curated just for you! These kits are your one-stop-shop for achieving that studio-quality look right from the comfort of your home. Each one comes packed with:

Friendly on Your Wallet:

Why Choose My DIY Kits?

  • My signature natural and wispy lash sets
  • Premium, hypoallergenic lash adhesive
  • User-friendly applicators
  • A foolproof step-by-step guide

These are the same high-quality lashes I use right here at Siroki Lash Studio, so you know you're in for a treat.

Just like my in-studio services, these DIY kits are designed with the health of your natural lashes in mind.

Learning how to apply your own lashes might not be on your vision board for this year, so you have the option of coming into the studio and having me expertly apply them for you. Getting married or hosting an event that requires onsite application? Send me the address and I’ll be on my way! 

On-Location Price: $105
In-Studio Price: $75

Expertly Curated, Just for You:

Your Lash Health is My Priority:

Yes, I Can Apply Them For You!

I've poured my years of experience and lash artistry into these kits. Whether you're going for a low-key look or want to dial up the drama, there’s a style in here for you.

Let’s face it, we all love a good deal. My kits give you the luxury experience you're after, without the luxury price tag.

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