You don't have time for smudged mascara or misshapen brows. You crave a luxurious experience that makes you feel as incredible as you look. That's where Siroki Lash Studio comes in.

How I Got Here - The Owner & Founder of
Siroki Lash Studio 

My journey in the beauty industry has been anything but linear. From working with renowned makeup brands and doing styling for TV to earning a Bachelors in Supervision and Management, I've done it all. When the pandemic turned everything upside-down, I channeled my relentless passion for perfection into mastering the art of lash extensions. Today, Siroki Lash Studio isn't just a business; it's a love story. A love story between me, the beauty industry, and every client who walks into my curated, luxurious studio.

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Why I Take Such Pride in My Work 

With years of experience across multiple facets of beauty - from makeup to management - I bring a unique skill set to the lash and brow game. The meticulous details at Siroki Lash, from the plush linens to the aromatic experience, stem from the valuable lessons learned from high-quality brands I've had the honor to work with. Not only am I 2X Lash Certified, but I’m Retention Certified as well - meaning your lashes look amazing and actually stay on. 

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" If you see me actin out, JUST KNOW, that its because of Sierra. Okay, do you see these things? They are going to get me in trouble. lol" 

- client testimonial


When im not in 

The Studio

When I'm not transforming lashes and brows, you'll find me snuggled up with my dog Scooter, with a good movie or a glass of wine in hand. I'm an empathetic soul who genuinely cares about each client's comfort and satisfaction. Let's be real - just like you, I can't relax if my environment is anything less than immaculate.

Core Values:
  • Client-focused luxury
  • Reliability and Professionalism
  • Ongoing Education and Transparency
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity

I’ll Let My Girls Do the Talking:

“She's a skilled professional who constantly invests in her training and strives to understand the science behind lash extensions. Her salon is so zen - bright and inviting. On a personal note, she's incredibly nice and so fun to work with!”

“Consistent perfection with Sierra @SirokiLash. She takes tremendous pride and care in her craft, and it shows. That’s why I’m a loyal Siroki lash girl!”

“Sierra was super sweet and fun to talk to and her business was very clean and had a nice atmosphere, all of that helped me relax making it a great experience!!! Also, my lashes have never looked better!!"

Your Experience is My Number One

Just like you wouldn't compromise on a subpar experience with your favorite luxury brands, you shouldn't have to settle for anything less in beauty. I invest heavily in quality and strive to ensure that from the moment you step into Siroki Lash, you're the number one priority.



Ready to meet me?

If you're a fearless, badass woman who wants to live her best life while looking absolutely stunning, Siroki Lash Studio is waiting for you. Let's turn your beauty dreams into reality, one lash at a time.

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